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What is High Speed Motion Control?

High Speed Motion Control (AKA MOCO), at it's very core, generates the ability to move a camera package without the typical constraints of conventional camera rigging. At the heart of our system is a 6 axis robotic arm (similar to the robots found in industrial automotive production) that is purpose built for the film industry.

System specs:

  1. 45lb camera payload

  2. Over 11.5' vertical reach

  3. 8' horizontal reach

  4. Unconstrained movement within the arm reach

  5. Can travel over 9' per second for high speed cinematography

  6. Infinitely repeatable

  7. Accuracy to .04mm


When your project demands precise, dynamic, repeatable camera work, we have the capability to bring that vision to life. We provide a turnkey, studio package including our MOCO system, operator, programmer, safety officer, grip/lighting package and your choice of camera and lens package. Our Phantom high speed camera system is well suited for this application. Our studio (located in Erie, PA) is only a short drive from Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Buffalo. Call the studio to discuss your projects needs and current rates.

Motion Control Demo Reel
Ferralli Studios

Motion Control Demo Reel

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